Glass Repair With Progressive Insurance | Tucson

progressive  glass claimWindshields often can be repaired rather than replaced, but specific criteria must be met. We can help you with your Progressive insurance claim if you are living in Tucson, provided you have Comprehensive coverage and your glass claim is covered.

Give us a call at 520-742-3000. A real person is available 24/7 to answer the phone and help answer your questions. Reliable Glass has been a leading Tucson glass company since 2001.

Filing Your Glass Insurance Claim With Progressive

  • Make sure you have Comprehensive coverage
  • Once we determine if coverage is available, we will work with you to arrange the repair or replacement of your windshield
  • We come to you, anywhere in Tucson, while you are at home or at work
  • It takes about 30-60 minutes for a repair and 2 hours to replace the glass

Does Your Windshield Need To Be Repaired?

  • If it is a crack or chip no bigger than 6 inches, it is possible it just needs to be repaired, which is less expensive and faster
  • If it is a crack bigger than 6 inches, or touches the edge of the glass connected to the car, or has cross hair crack lines, it will need to be replaced.

Need Help? Have Questions? Call 520-742-3000

At Reliable Glass, we work with Progressive claims agents and can answer additional questions after you report your glass claim online.

Covering The Tucson For Progressive Glass Claims